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Tips for Trainers Best Practices

    How can you help training participants easily find your trainings on the Registry?

    By “Publishing” trainings on the Registry, participants can easily search for and enroll in trainings.

    If you have a cohort of training participants, would like to limit training participants to in-county, or some other reason you do not want to publish, you can choice to do that (Instructions for Unpublished Trainings – How to Share an Event – NEW).

    Share resource with your participants from the How to Enroll or Withdraw from a training.

    Training Titles:

    • Use the same training titles in advertising as you use when entering the trainings on the Registry.
    • Language of Training: for languages other than English, title can be entered in Language of Training and then enter a “/” with the title in English.

    Use Event Notes to give detailed information about training logistics including when participants will be sent a password or training link, when attendance will be confirmed, or who can join the training. Event Notes should be in the language of the training.

    Remember to Confirm Attendance of participants as soon as possible so that attendees can find the training on their Registry Education and Training Report.
    If you issue a certificate AND enter a training on the Registry Training Calendar – Please print a notice on certificate to inform participants to NOT UPLOAD THE CERTIFICATE ON THEIR REGISTRY PROFILE.