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Administrators and Family Child Care Owner/Operators

There are many benefits to being on the Registry as an Administrator of an early care and education program. Employers who have been authorized to receive Administrative Access can post jobs on the Job Board and are able to view qualification data about Registry members employed at their site.

Obtaining Employer/Program Administrative Access supports professional development planning and reduces the need for them to submit information multiple times in paper form to employers such as child development permits, transcripts, training records, credentials, and other documentation. Administrators, or other designated staff (ex. Human Resources), who have been granted Administrative Access can also verify key information about their employees and obtain reports with verified data.

Request Employer Program Administrative Access

Administrative Access helps ensure the Registry has current and accurate information about ECE programs and their staff. It also helps streamline reporting to state agencies and other funders.

In order to receive Administrative Access, approved individuals must agree to do the following:

  • Be an active member of the Registry
  • Maintain an active e-mail account that is linked to their Registry profile
  • Maintain an accurate and complete Program Profile by confirming or updating information annually
  • Maintain accurate information about employees by confirming or updating information monthly
  • Protect the security and integrity of personal information about employees in the Registry

A childcare administrator uses a bosu ball to work with a child on balance.

Helpful Documents

For information on benefits to you as an Administrator see the Administrator Planning Guide:

For information about the Registry and to support onboarding of staff see the General Users brochures:

Employee Administrative Access For FCC Owner/Operators

FCC Owner/Operators with Employer Administrative Access are able to link their paid employees to their site as well as their own Registry Profile, and are able to gain access to reports that can be used to report to funders and gain access to financial incentives to pursue professional qualifications.