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Quality Counts California

Quality Counts California (QCC) is a statewide effort to strengthen California’s early learning and care system to support young children and their families.  With the goal of “raising the quality of early learning and care,” QCC efforts include the following support:

  • Providing access to tools and resources for quality partners like QRIS administrators, coaches, trainers, and higher education faculty.
  • Linking child care providers to resources and supports to assist them in their commitment to quality early learning and care.
  • Informing parents and families about the importance of quality early learning, and helps them identify quality early learning and care environments (i.e. family child care home or child care centers).
  • Offering information and research to help policymakers communicate the value and importance of quality early learning and care.

A young boy holding a triangle sits with his music class and smiles.
Connecting with Children and Families

Quality Counts

QCC focuses on quality early learning and care experiences because those experiences build the foundation for skills children need in school, work, and life. (Reference: Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child)

Quality early learning and care programs have environments, relationships, interactions, and activities to support all children’s growth and development to prepare them for success in school and life.

Research continues to show that children who attend a quality early learning and care program are more likely to do well in school and less likely to drop out or need remedial supports later in their education.

More About QCC

Learn more about how Quality Counts California (QCC) fits within the landscape of early learning and care for children.

In partnership with QCC, multiple counties across California use the Registry for verification and documentation of staff qualifications for QCC (or local named QCC project) Tier rating scores. For information on your county’s partnership for Tier Ratings using the Registry, click here.

Rating Information

Staff qualifications for QCC Tier Ratings are processed based on the statewide Quality Continuum Framework and Implementation Guide. The staff qualifications elements are also in alignment with the California Child Development Permit.

For information on Elements 3 & 6 (Staff and Director Qualifications) of the Quality Continuum Framework click here.

Information on California Child Development Permits