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How to Apply for a Stipend Program

    How to Apply for a Stipend Video

    Check out this one-page Help Sheet – to follow along with the video.

    Complete Instructions – How to Apply for a Stipend

    Before you apply:

    • Update your Profile: Extremely important to have an updated profile with accurate information.
      1. Update your email, as you will be receiving email confirmation.
      2. Update your Employer, as your Employer may need to verify your
        employment (See Update your Employer video).
    • Does your county have a Stipend Program?
      Check to see if your county has stipends available. Log in to your Registry Profile and click on “Stipend Pathways” and “Application.” Select your county’s program to see whether you are eligible to apply.
    • Upload Relevant Documents: Submit the documents required by your county stipend program to show you are eligible for the stipend (see How to Upload Documents video).

    1. Online Application Process

    Create a profile button above the login. Log in with your email.

    Step 1: Log in to Registry at
    a. I have a Registry account – Login to your account using your email address.
    b. I DO NOT have a Registry account – Click on ‘Create a Profile’ (Create a Profile video) and follow all the steps to create a personal account. Your username is your email address.

    Step 2: Update your Registry Profile
    a. Click on My Tools & Settings, then select My Profile.
    b. Review and edit your profile information by clicking on Edit.
    c. Update with your current personal and employment information, then click on Update Account Info.

    Step 3: Apply for the Stipend
    a. Click on “Stipends & Pathways”
    b. Click on Application
    c. Review your Registry Profile.

    Shows Application on navigation bar under Stipends & Pathways.
    Arrow points to Registry Profile so that a stipend applicant can update their profile.

    d. Once your profile is up to date, click on Confirm and Continue

    Shows Confirm and Continue button at the bottom of the page.

    e. The “Request Stipend” page will provide the names of all available stipends. Locate the county in which you plan to apply for a stipend and click on the stipend program name. (If you are not sure which one you should apply to, contact your local county stipend administrator).

    f. Read the program description as this provides details to eligibility, supplemental forms, timelines, and contact information.

    g. After you have read the information, scroll down and click on Continue to Online Application.

    Shows Continue to Online Application button at the bottom of the page.

    Step 4: Complete your online stipend application
    Please, read the Stipend Criteria for your county’s stipend carefully. This will help you avoid mistakes that could lead to the rejection of your application.

    1. Tell us what your career/educational goals are:
    Check off up to two boxes that identify what your educational and/or career goals for the options given.

    2. Select the Stipend Period for which you are applying to. Please refer to stipend instructions to determine which Stipend Periods Should be selected.

    Shows the Select a Period dropdown menu.

    3. Select the Pathway Type.

    Before completing this section, review the eligibility guidelines and instructions provided by your county’s stipend administrator as they will have information on what pathway types are eligible under their Stipend Program.

    Shows Pathway Type, Pathway Information, and Pathway Details fields.

    Inaccurate information may lead to denial to the stipend program. Please follow the guidelines for which information should be included in the stipend application.

    How to fill out the Pathway Type:

    Each county selects the Pathways available for you on the stipend application. You may be able to apply for more than one type (refer to the County Stipend Program Information).

    • College Credit:
      Enter College/University Name
      Number of Units that you will or have completing to receive the stipend
      Quarter or Semester
      Student ID number
    • Professional Development:
      Enter Description: Either type in the name of each Professional Development Organization for which you attended or will attend, unless your Stipend Program has requested you to only include “Various Training Organizations.”
      # Hours: Enter the number of hours of professional development that you will be or have taken in order to receive the stipend.
    • Retention:
      Enter Activity: An example of this is a permit renewal.


    • Health & Safety Requirement:
      Enter Description: Name the organization where you took the training
      # Hours: Enter the length of the training in hours
    • Degree Attainment:
      Enter the Degree Completed and the College University (e.g. B.A. ECE, Chico State University).
      Enter the date that the degree was awarded, so known as the conferral date.
      Student ID number
    • CA Child Development Permit Acquired:
      Enter the Child Development Permit Name: For example, Assistant, Associate, Teacher, etc.
      For more information on CA Child Development Permits go to:
      Enter date permit was issued
      Enter the Permit Number
    • CA Child Development Permit/Credential Fee Reimbursement:
      Enter Permit/Credential Type
      Enter amount of the reimbursement
    • Child Care Cost:
      Enter Hours of Service
      Amount of reimbursement
    • Cohort Model/Apprenticeship Completion:
      Enter Program Name
      Student ID number
    • College/University Tuition Reimbursement:
      Enter College/University Name
      Enter amount of Reimbursement or the amount that your courses cost
      Student ID number
    • Community Care Licensing Fee Reimbursement:
      Enter License type: For example, small family child care home, large family child care
      home, etc.
      Enter amount of reimbursement or the amount of the fees
    • Obtain a Child Care License:
      Enter Type and Name of Child Care Program
      Enter date of issue
      CCL License number: Enter Community Care License number. To look up licensed facilities and license numbers go to:
    • Professional Development Cost:
      Enter Training Name and Organization
      Enter amount of reimbursement
    • Textbook reimbursement:
      Enter Number of books
      Enter amount of reimbursement or amount that textbooks cost
    • Transportation Cost:
      Enter Transportation Types
      Enter amount or amount that transportation cost

    Step 5: Submit your stipend request(s)

    a. IMPORTANT – Reading the Statement of Understanding will help you understand the stipend terms and conditions of your application.

    b. Click Submit Stipend Application at the bottom of the page. If you need to go back or do not want to submit your application, click Cancel.

    Shows Submit Stipend Application button.

    1. Once you have completed the application, you will see the following statement, “Step 1: The online portion of your application has been submitted for review.”
    2. If an Employment Verification Request pop-up box appears this means your current employer does not have access to submit electronic verification of employment through the Registry or your employment has not been verified within the last 6- months.

    Type the First and Last Name of your Director or Supervisor and email. If your employer does not complete the Registry verification process you will need to have your employer fill out a paper copy of the Employer Verification Form.

    Shows Employer Verification Request including supervisor name and email address.

    2. Download “Supplemental Forms” (Step 2 of the online application)

    IMPORTANT – Download, save or print the Supplemental Forms. Once you pass this screen, you cannot go back to download the documents. For support on how to complete the supplemental forms, it is best to contact your stipend administrator.

    Shows step 2 of stipend application process is to click on Supplemental Forms.

    Upload Documents (step 3 of the online application)

    You can upload required stipend documents by going to My Tools & Settings, then My Documents (see Upload Documents video).

    To view your Education and Training Report, login to the Registry and go to My Tools & Settings, then click on View Education and Training Report or on the Quick Links select the View Education and Training Report (PDF) (see Education & Training Report video).

    How to Edit and View Your Stipend

    You may edit your stipend request while it is still in Applied Status. Once your application is accepted, you can no longer make changes (however, contact your Stipend Administrator, if you need to make updates once it’s been accepted).

    Shows My Stipends on navigation bar under Stipends & Pathways.

    To Edit your Stipend Requests, click:
    Stipends & Pathways and My Stipend and click Edit.

    Click on Edit to update the application you submitted, including the Stipend Request Information and the Required Documents. After you complete your updates, you will need to click on Submit Stipend Application.

    Arrow points to Edit button on the far right of My Stipends.

    Application Status:

    The Stipend Administrator will send emails to communicate your application status, the need to submit the required forms, answers to your inquiries and any other needed communication required. IT IS IMPORTANT TO CHECK YOUR EMAILS.

    Shows the Applied button on the far right of the Stipend Request Information.

    If you have questions about Stipend eligibility or your application, contact your stipend administrator.

    For assistance with the Registry, contact the Help Desk:

    By Email Support or call (323) 645-2631, Toll free: 855-645-0826. Click on the “Support” box to Live Chat on the CA ECE Workforce Registry website.