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Upload Your Training and Education Documents

    Check out the video on How to Upload your Documents on the Registry

    Before you upload a document check and see if you need to upload:

    1. Do you need this document on your profile?
      1. For Example:
        • Outdated CA Child Development permits and Teaching Credentials are not needed.
        • Training certificates that do not have an issuer, training title, training hours earned, completion date, training participant name, and verifier or instructor signature, if applicable, can not be verified.
        • Diplomas are not needed – but transcripts with degree conferral dates are needed.
        • Is the document old and you are not participating in a program that would require it?
          • For Example:
          • Permits PD – go back 5 years
          • CCIP trainings – go back to 2017
          • QRIS – Usually 1 year (check with your QRIS coordinator)
    2. Check that the document is not already on your Education & Training Report. To view your report, log in to the Registry and go to the left hand tool bar “My Tools & Settings” and click on “My Education & Training Report”.
    3. Did the training organization collect your Registry ID? For example, California Early Childhood Online (CECO) will import those attendance records within 24 hours so you do not need to upload the certificates. Make sure your Registry ID is correct and provided to training organization and/or entered in your CECO account.
    4. Did you enroll on the Registry? Check with the training organization, as they should be confirming your attendance on the Registry. Please refer to the “Training Organizations on the Registry” list under “My Resources” in the Registry to see a list of approved Training Sponsors.

    What documents should you upload?

    • Foundational trainings (e.g. PITC trainings)
    • College transcripts – Transcripts must include all pages and be legible. If you have a degree the transcript must include the date of conferral. The Registry does not accept diplomas.
    • CA Child Development Permit and Teaching Credentials (current)
    • Training certificates and certifications (current) for training organizations not on the Registry

    Tips on Uploading Documents:

    • Enter documents one at a time, not multiple trainings on one upload.
    • Include a description of the document to assist you and Registry staff in uploading/processing documents
    • You can upload images (photos) if legible. Note: maximum upload size is 5 MB per file.

    Uploading Documents

    Step 1. Login to your Registry Profile
    First, login to your Registry profile at Enter your username (the complete email address associated with your Registry account) and password, and then click on Login. If you forgot your password, click on Forgot Password? to recover your password.

    Step 2. Click on My Documents
    Next, click on the My Documents “Quick Link”. This will bring you to the document upload page. Here you will be able to see any document that you have previously submitted or uploaded to your Registry profile.

    Arrow points to "My Documents."

    Step 3. Select File Type
    Select the type of file you would like to upload. When uploading a training certificate on My Documents, please select Training on “File Type” – “Certificate” is for certifications that expire.

    Add a description in the File Description box when uploading a new document on My Documents this information will assist you during the document upload process and Registry staff process documents.

    Arrow points to File Type dropdown menu.

    Please see the guidelines below for description examples for different document types:

    Training: Enter the name of the training sponsor and training title

    Certificate: Enter the name of the certification along with the expiration date (e.g., “General Training – Mandated Reporter, 3/20/2022”)

    Permit: Enter the name of the permit and the expiration date (e.g., “Associate Teacher, 3/20/2022”)

    Credentials: Enter the name of the credential and the expiration date (e.g., “Administrative Services, 3/20/2022”)

    Unofficial Transcript: Name of institution and transcript issue date (e.g., “San Jose State University, 2/2/2020”)

    Official/Registrar Transcript: Name of institution and transcript issue date (e.g., “UCLA, 2/2/2020”)

    If you upload a California Child Development Permit or California Teaching Credential, the Registry will prompt you to enter the name of your permit or credential, the document number, issue date, and expiration date before you can continue. Please enter this information correctly. If there is a mistake in this information, Registry staff may be unable to verify your document.

    Step 4. Find File in Computer
    After indicating the file type and entering any necessary information, click on Choose File and browse your computer for the file you would like to upload. Files can be in .doc, .pdf, or .jpg formats. After you select the file, click on Upload Document, your file will appear on your Uploaded Documents.

    Arrows point to choose file and Upload Documents button.

    Step 5. Document Verification
    After you upload your document, your document will be entered into a queue for verification by Registry staff. Registry staff will confirm the information on the document, input any relevant information to your Education and Training Report, and then verify the document. Once your document has been verified, Registry staff will email you informing you that your document has been verified and that your profile has been updated. If Registry staff cannot verify your document, they will email you explaining why the document could not be verified and assist you in submitting a verifiable document. Please permit 6 to 8 weeks for your document to be verified.

    While Registry staff verify your documents, you will be able to view your document on your Registry profile. If your current employer has Administrative Access on the Registry, they will also be able to access your uploaded documents while you are waiting for your documents to be verified.

    Please note that your Education and Training Report will not be updated until Registry staff have completed the verification process. While your document remains unverified, you will be able to delete the document in case you mistakenly upload the wrong document and need to re-upload the correct one. Once the document has been verified, you will no longer be able to delete the document and will need to contact the Registry Help Desk if you would like to remove that document from your profile.