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Instructor Access Request

    To add a trainer, who will provide trainings for your organization, including Contact/Sponsor Managers, the instructor must request access to the training calendar by doing the following:

    Arrows point to Instructor Access Request button on the left side menu. An additional arrow shows the Search button below where you indicate which organization you are requesting access.

    • The instructor must first have a Registry profile, login to his/her profile, with their work email address, and click Instructor Access Request on the navigation bar. The Instructor Access Request page will pop up.
    • The instructor will type in the name of your organization and click Search.
    • The instructor will click the circle next to your organization and click Submit.
    • A successful submission will result in “Pending Requests” and/or “Approved Requests” being listed.
    • At this point, the instructor must wait for your approval to proceed with the Instructor Tools.

    Shows radio dial next to organization name, for which access is being requested, and the Submit button.