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    Our Story

    Workforce registries throughout the country have become a critical part of almost every states’ comprehensive early learning and professional development systems.


    In 2010, the California Department of Education (CDE) Early Education Support Division (EESD) provided funding to staff an Early Care and Education Workforce Registry Planning Committee to support the development of a Registry with a group of diverse stakeholders from across the state.

    Two counties with robust workforce development investments, San Francisco and Los Angeles, offered to purchase the software and develop a pilot to ensure that progress was made in the development and implementation of the CA ECE Workforce Registry. The Planning Committee endorsed the development of a pilot created at the county level with a commitment to work with the state-wide stakeholder group on larger policy issues and system development.

    Over time the planning group evolved into the Workforce Registry Advisory Board (WRAB) which continues to meet to this day.

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    History Timeline

    • 2011 CA ECE Workforce Registry began in San Francisco
    • 2012 Registry expands to Los Angeles County
    • 2015 Registry expands to Santa Clara County
    • 2016 Training Calendar launched with CDE funded trainings; Registry expands statewide
    • 2017 Registry begins to be used to calculate staff qualifications for quality ratings
    • 2020 Registry begins to integrate with Workforce Pathways Grants